The fact that different children operate at different wavelength calls for differentiation. Educators should take special note on this. They should know the apps to be recommended to their students, to suit their personal needs. This is important since thoughts, ideas and strategies are always changing when it comes to working with students having autism spectrum..




Henry kay


(Relationship and family therapist)


After years of experience, i have come to realise that every individual has different challenges to tackle in different ways. My desire has always been to see people healed both mentally, emotionally and otherwise.


Emotionally speaking, Seeing relationship which have been built for years going down the drain is the worst experience human being will ever face.


Studies have shown that depression is the outcome of every broken relationship, but my passion to prevent that from happening is increasing every seconds of the day.


Talking about my experience with children, all i can say so far is that children are blessing to this generation. During my volunteer work, We contact people to solicit sales by explaning products.


My educational background include a B.SC in informatics at Melbourne university, in Australia. I have a MA in Technology Management at Georgetown in Guyana.


I did a three year nursing program at university of illinois college of nursing located in chicago.


Being a strong visual and auditory learner, the therapeutic device support them to move through the day. It relieve them of the stress of having to recall what comes next, making a clear transition between activities and managing their time to meet the educator's expectation. It helps increase their processing skills, having numerous information stored up as long as they need. The use of this therapeutic device.

Children with autism now make use of digital learning apps which serve them in two areas, educating and improving their health standard. Research have shown that 48% of these special children have above, average intelligence and have the ability to learn things in details, remembering information for a long period of time. But when they are allowed to operate the device, seeing everything happening, they learn better.

Apart from these benefits mentioned, there are other benefits which are worthy to be mentioned. Inasmuch that children are becoming computer literate, it is no more news that technology have shaped the education and health sector.They should know that without their support, their chances of growing up to be successful and independent would be slim. Teachers should know that they didn't choose to have autism.




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