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McDonalds Resumes Delivery Services In Delhi NCR And Selected Cities

As the customers of McDonald's know that the McDonalds have closed their maximum outlets all over India due to some issues. But the good news is that for the McDonalds customers that they have resumed delivery services in Delhi and other selected states in the north and east India. At present McDonalds have decided that they will be available at only selected restaurants and cities. They stopped the delivery on May 9, 2019, due to some issue.

More About The McDonalds Coming Back

They have restarted the services for only selected restaurants and outlets. After some time all the outlets will start their services but till then the customers have to compromise with the selected outlets. For the convenient of the customer's Places where the McDvoice is providing the service delivery will launch the web and app ordering platforms for the customers.

So the customer can get their favourite McDonalds meal online if there are in Delhi NCR and other selected places. There are many sizable numbers of restaurants have reopened. CPRL will continue to reopen the restaurant in coming days while the east and north India completes its work.

Why the McDonalds have shut down all the outlets

Mcdonalds has 50:50 joint venture partner in East India and north India as well, McDonald's have temporarily closed their all outlets in April in the northern and eastern India to re-calibrate the process of the venture. After resolving all the problems there will be reopening of all the outlets in all the region. And the customer can enjoy all their favourite meals. According to the mcdonaldsnews, they have said that the customers can also order their McDonalds menu items through the ordering app in future and can enjoy all the items which they use to do in the outlets.